BlackOut App

Secure Anonymous P2P Messenger On Blockchain Technology.
No server. No account. No tracking.

How It Works


BlackOut app uses direct connections for calls and messaging. Blockchain nodes work like commutators.


We're testing BlackOut blockchain node now. It'll allow to grow truly decentralized messenger.


There're no accounts in the BlackOut. The app generates a link using current network connection data every launch.


To make a call just share generated link using any channel. Nobody knows even about a fact you call.

About BlackOut Project

The purpose of the BlackOut project (beta version) is to build truly secure and anonymous communication service.

There're several messengers on the market, which are positioning themselves like secure services with end-to-end encryption. At the same time most of them authenticate us by phone number. It means that even if they haven't access to the content of our conversations they know the fact that person A had a call with person B, after that person C published some important information in mass media.

For example, if you know that person C is the chief editor of certain media, then you recognize that person A which works in the government is his informant. In many cases it's not necessary to know what people say each other, because the fact about an act of communication is already an important information.

Blockchain technology allowed us to build decentralized communication service: miners install BlackOut nodes and generate revenue by establishing connections between users. Miners work like commutators. We pay very small fee for each connection. 100% of the fee goes to miner, which connects users to each other. No hidden fees, no payments, just autonomous decentralized messenger company.

For now, we developed beta version of the product. You can try it by exchanging messaging, making calls and sending secrets. When BlackOut blockchain node is ready, we will publish all source codes on GitHub. Please support us to make it faster. Let's build our own messenger today!